High Security Car Key Replacement

keyHorn Lock and Key in Maumee now offers high security car key copies. For the new American and European Cars, the high security car keys have grooves milled into the side, different from a traditional car key where the top and bottom grooves make the unique key print.

Many car key replacement shops do not offer high security car key copies, and Horn Lock and Key offer this service at a drastically reduced cost as compared to most car dealers.

High security car keys are available on most new Honda’s, as well as Lexis makes. Ford and GM cars are also transitioning to the high security keys.

If you own a car with a high security key, and need an additional copy or lose your keys, Horn Lock and Key is the place to go. Does your high security card have a remote?  Horn Lock and Key can also replace keys with the remote, as well as make key copies.

Horn Lock and Key can cut keys for much less, and get you on your way faster. Why pay more for a high security key?

Contact us for free estimates. Horn Lock and Key

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